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A memorable festival

posted Jan 24, 2012, 5:17 AM by Info B2C

Answering to several questions from enthusiastic film makers Padmashri Girish Kasaravalli said, “There is neither a formula nor can anyone predict the success of a film. A directors thirst for new subjects, to present an idea in a refreshing way is essential to make a good movie. A film maker should not portray a topic in a conclusive manner, but should present it such that it kindles a thought process in his audience. A good film is one that poses questions, not that which offers solution.” He was speaking at the by2coffeefilms Short Film Festival organized by by2coffee films in association with KV Subbanna Aptha Samooha. Explaining the difference between feature films, documentaries and short films he said to a rapt audience, short films are not be confused as a miniature versions of full length feature films. Short films have their own frame needing to be handled in a more artistic fashion.


Prof Mano Chakravarthy said like any art form Short films needed a meditative approach and it was not necessary that it is compulsory to convey a message through one’s film. Though a message can be an offshoot of a film. It is upon youngsters to look around and find matter for their short films from the current affairs, daily lives and the world events. A film maker should be sensitive to his surrounding to dig thoughts and ideas from. It does not need a 3 hour movie with scenes of sufferings and ultra nationalism to convey the plight of Kashmirs and their women in particular. He said “Khwab”, the short film that won the best Film was sensitive, effortless and effective in conveying the Kashmir issue. Except for the muttering prayer words, this film had no dialogues and the sound of the wind was effectively utilized to narrate the story. Such should be the efforts from a film maker in constructing and presenting a story. This film received much appreciation for its use of light, sound, cinematography, images and direction.


Briefing the audience about the selection process for picking the winners and the Top 20 short films, the Jury Prof Mano Chakravarthy and Shri AN Mukund said, they laid more importance on films that dealt with fresh topics, new thought processes or a different narrative method. They also looked for the potential in these film makers to shoot a full length feature film, their ability to make use of techniques, sound and light. They added that watching all the entries was an enriching experience for them. A film like ‘Ramasamy’ which portrayed the oppression and mental pressure experienced in the corporate sector was a very effective way of storytelling, though the film makers till then thought their film had no technique or conveyed any message.


The format of the event where some of the Top 20 Short films were screened followed by discussion was appreciated by the participants. They were also happy with the organizers close contacts, timely updates and attention to minute details in inviting/ guiding and organizing the event. The organizer By2coffee films is a bunch of creative techies with a passion to make short films. For the past 2 years they’ve been involved in making Short films with socially relevant messages. The organizers were a relaxed lot to have realized one of their best cherished dreams of conducting a Short film festival and having succeeded in their first effort with support from Shri Girish Kasaravalli, the jury andKv Subbanna Aptha Samooha.