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Government make policies for the benifit of its citizens but how far does it reach is always a question. Education has made free from 4- 16 years in india but how far it reaches is this short movie all about.

Duration 14:59
Language Kannada
Location Bangalore

Directed by Amogh and Santhosh 
"Well this movie is made by myself(Santhosh) and my friend Amogh. we both are best frends and are deep into movies. did film making course together from pune along with our IT jobs. i left job to purse full time carrieer in movies , now assisting in kannada movies but Amogh is still working in IT. we together did this movie Antar with great passion."

Cast Hemant-Shyam
Jayappa-Shyam's Father
Chandu-walking school kid
Roshan-walking school kid
Darshan-school kid playing with ball
Viji-old paper mart owner
Produced by Amogh and Santhosh
Script/Story Amogh and Santhosh
Cinematography Chandru
Edited by Anu and Chandru
Music Online music library