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"Log Line: A fiction (drama) film based on, ‘Chandu ke Chacha ne Chandu ki Chachi ko Chandi ke Chamche se Chutney Chataai’ Synopsis: Two days from now, its Chacha-Chachi’s wedding anniversary. Chandu, Chacha and Chachi realize this and individually plan a surprise for the occasion not knowing that the other two are doing just the same. Meanwhile, Chandi ka Chamcha is furious at Chandu for he has lost his girlfriend, a Chamchi, because of Chandu’s careless behavior. Chandi ka Chamcha seeks revenge. In all this, Chutney acts as a silent observer. She has a crazy ability to read the past and present of all the four characters. Hence she, invariably, becomes the narrator of the story. Everything boils down to ‘the’ day – the occasion of Chacha-Chachi’s wedding anniversary - where the story meets its destined end: ‘Chandu ke Chacha ne Chandu ki Chachi ko Chandi ke Chamche se Chutney Chataai’ "

Duration 14:59
Language Hindi
Location Pune

Directed by Maaz Kazmi 
"The director Maaz Kazmi (22), is currently pursuing his Masters in Communication Studies (specialisation in video production) from University of Pune. He has done his graduation in Bachelors in Mass Media (specialisation in journalism) from SIES College, Mumbai. Born on 13th March 1988, Mumbai, Maaz Kazmi is deeply interested in film-making (editing) and has produced 12 short-films in the past 4 years (2007-11). Some of which have won awards in film festivals all across the country. "

Cast Mihir Amrutkar as Chandu
Narendra Wadhwa as Chandu ke Chacha
Deepshri Ranade as Chandu ki Chachi
Produced by Dept. of Communication Studies, Pune University
Script/Story Maaz Kazmi
Cinematography Digvijay Thorat
Edited by Maaz Kazmi
Voice over/Narrated by Anisha Kotibhaskar
Sound Sumit Vanjari
Lights Amey Pendse