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Gulcharrey is a beautifully told story of Rahim and his past. Narrated more like an anecdote less like a film, it leaves you smiling. Captured vividly against a Mumbai which is both vast and claustrophobic, the film proves that ultimately what you need for a film is a story to tell and passion to fuel it.

Duration 13:10
Language Hindi/English/ Marathi
Location Mumbai

Directed by Varun Tandon 
former students of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.Passionate about telling stories

Cast Rakesh Chaturvedi - Rahim
Vijay Kumar - Mane
Rudrashish Sengupta
Produced by Rajesh Sarkar
Script/Story Varun Tandon
Cinematography Anubhav Syal
Edited by Amitesh Mukherjee
Music Amitesh Mukherjee
Sound Yashveer Singh
Lights Yashveer Singh