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"Kash - a drag of smoke that satisfies temporarily a person’s innate compulsive need of escaping from reality. This is the story of a mind that takes a drag not of smoke, but of the desire of substantiating its absolute Superiority. The mind in this film contains two different personalities. The one represented by the man inside a Television (with the TV symbolizing the Sub-Conscious), is a simple and submissive personality which has somehow been trapped in the Sub-Conscious by the more intellectual and devious personality represented by the man outside the TV. The room with all the pictures represents the Conscious mind with memories and ideas. In the addiction of Superiority, the man outside the TV hatches a treacherous plan of annihilating the inferior one inside the TV. But a simple mistake of his turns everything upside down and his desire of Supremacy leads to his own destruction. The Drag consumes the addict. An interesting tale of conflict inside a human mind, it will surely keep you curious and engrossed till the very end. "

Duration 9:25
Language Hindi/English
Location Mumbai

Directed by Srinivas Abrol 
After having completed his engineering degree from Nagpur, Srinivas Abrol came to Mumbai to pursue his real dream - to be a film-maker. After having worked on four mainstream hindi feature films as assistant director including two as chief assistant director, he is now working as a screenplay and dialogue writer for hindi feature films. A Short film is the best way to express yourself as a film-maker until you get your big break, and also you can send a message across to people, so he also produces and directs short films occasionally, and hence is sending one across to your film festival with the hope that it satisfies you as an audience.

Cast Deepak Srivastava - Man inside/outside TV
Rajendra Singh - Man in green T-shirt
Srinivas Abrol - Man in grey T-shirt
Produced by Deepak Srivastava & Srinivas Abrol
Script/Story Srinivas Abrol
Cinematography D.K. Gautam
Edited by N.A. Ansari
Music Music from ‘No Smoking’
Special Effects N.A. Ansari
Interesting Facts while filming
The whole film was conceptualized and filmed in about 3 days. Ninety percent of it was shot in one room (including the portion seen on the TV). The Director of Photography had fractured his hand a few days before, so he had to operate the camera with one hand. All the equipment including camera, had been borrowed from the camera department of CNN-IBN channel, and the film was made on a negligible budget (around Rs. 3500/-). It was shot continuously for 24 hours, since we had a deadline to return the equipment.
Anything worth Sharing about the movie
It was a shared effort by a group of friends who share passion for cinema, and hence will remain a beautiful memory in all of our lives. Most of the people find it difficult to understand what the story is about, and that’s good because that’s what the film is supposed to do – it is supposed to be a puzzle. It is supposed to make the audience think and figure out what it’s about. And that is fun, isn’t it! The story is all about the human mind, and hence it has to reflect the most basic feature of it – Complexity!