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A Kashmiri woman is waiting for her husband from across the border. The day comes when he finally arrives. She welcomes him with a lot of fervour. They eat together after a long time. But this contentment is not there to stay for long. It vanishes as soon as she discovers that everything was probably just a dream, which she momentarily lived and is now gone. She comes to know through the newspapers that her husband and his brother were killed while crossing the border.

Duration 4:48
Language Hindi
Location Pune

Directed by Anadi Athaley
Anadi Athaley is a student of Film Editing at the Film and Television Institute of India. Having done his graduation in Communication and Journalism from the Manipal University, he assisted as an Assistant Editor in two films, Mirch (2010) and Utt Patang(2011). He has also made two short films, Fissure(2009) and Khwaab (2011).

Cast Nirmala - Wife
Sunil Palwal - Husband
Produced by Film and Television Institute of India
Script/Story Samvartha Sahil
Cinematography Hindole Chakraborty
Edited by Anadi Athaley
Sound Sheeba Sehga;
Lights Krishna Soren, Anwar Shamsudeen