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This story starts with a regular boy meets girl scenario and how their relationship is built . They spend happy times which eventually comes to an end . The film mainly deals with the idea that when a young kid cannot understands certain aspects of life and hypnotizes himself in fairy tales his life becomes a total mess , from which he has to come up being a man and understand the realities of life through experiences.

Duration 5:11
Language English
Location Mumbai

Directed by Arvind Ghorwal, Akvil Sakhare, Pruthvi Mangunatha 

Cast Sudhanshu
Produced by Akvil Sakhare
Script/Story Akvil Sakhare
Cinematography Arvind Ghorwal, Akvil Sakhare
Edited by Arvind Ghorwal
Music Canon in d
Voice over/Narrated by Eeeshan Sharma