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Mumbai 2025

Mumbai 2025 is a futuristic, noir film. Directed by Thomas Jacob, the film is set in Mumbai, India in 2025. Sporadic but deadly terror attacks continue to hit the city. Despite years of double-digit economic growth, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow. The wealthy live in the high-rises while the poor languish in the slums. Amidst all this, an ultra-nationalist political party has come to power

Duration 12:37
Language English
Location Bangalore

Directed by Thomas Jacob 

Cast Ashraf Ali - Dev
Hannah Sim - Priya
Sandhan Chaudhury - Siddharth
Akshay Bhagat - Dr.Bose
Samir - Tandon
Aziz Perothian - Henchman
Produced by Tirthadeep Roy, Thomas Jacob
Script/Story Thomas Jacob
Cinematography Thomas Jacob
Edited by Thomas Jacob