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A girl is stuck up in her dream where she sees that her father is going to kill her. Until she finds an answer to it, she won't be able to get out of it. So the climax is there in the next sequel.. that i'll take out after sometime.

Duration 6:38
Language Hindi
Location Mumbai

Directed by Nishant Rana 
Nishant Rana has made several short films. He was also nominated for his short film 'Mumbai Paisa Vasool' for Mumbai film festival. His other short film 'Pankh' won 'Best International film festival' in Shortie film festival U.S.A under the age group category of 14-18.. Many of his short films were appreciated and acclaimed in many other festivals.

Cast Yashshree Singh Bhati- Noor
Dr. Sheron- Abba Jaan
Mrs. Sheron- Ammi Jaan
Dr.Dheeraj Singh- Chacha Jaan
Ishan- Nishant Rana
Produced by Dr. D.S. Rana, Varsha Rana
Script/Story Shilpi Rana, Nishant Rana
Cinematography Nishant Rana
Edited by Nishant Rana
Music Nishant Rana
Voice over/Narrated by Yashshree Singh Bhati, Nishant Rana

Interesting Facts while filming:
Made the dialogues on the spot!