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Pana (The Bet)

This Film Is based on Anton Chekhov's world famous short story ""The Bet"". The film raises a question which is important Knowledge or Money. An Egoistic Rich Business man takes Bet with a young Lawyer. Lawyer agrees to stay in a room for 15 Years like a prisoner. Business Man agrees to pay 20,00,000 Rs if lawyer successfully completes 15 years of imprisonment in the room. What happens at the end? Will lawyer complete 15 years in captivity? what happens to Business man's ego? What is the transformation knowledge can give to a man? is the interesting things about this film.

Duration 10:55
Language Kannada
Location Bangalore

Directed by Parameshwar. K 
I am Parameshwar an M Com Graduate from Bangalore University. I am Basically a Theatre Practitioner. An actor & Director. In my 8 Years of Theatre career I have taken part in acting, Direction, Lighting, Stage craft, Promotion & Publicity etc... Literature reading is my hobby. I have acted in few Movies also. I want to take Film making as my profession. Girish Kasaravalli, Akira Kurasowa, Satyajit Ray is my Favorite film makers. I Can Speak Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.

Cast Raghavendra Prasad - Business Man,
Parameshwar - Young Lawyer
Nagaraj.M - 1st Friend
Hemanth - 2nd Friend
Produced by Primedia Bangalore
Script/Story Parameshwar/Anton Chekhov
Cinematography Venkatesh.D
Edited by Manjunath.O
Music Ravikumar.J.V
Voice over/Narrated by Parameshwara.K
Lights Mahesh, Prasanna, Ananda, Murthy, Rakesh, Ravi

Interesting Facts while filming:
I only had a vision about the concept. My team made it happens. It is completely a team effort.

Anything worth Sharing about the movie
This story shook me very much. I first read this story when I was in National School of drama. We had done Anton Chekhov’s Play “Cherry Orchard” in NSD. I decided to make a short film based on this story because my opinion about money is the same as the Young man in the film.