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Do you think a movie should always convey a message? How about a movie full of fun? Here comes a 9-minute fun-filled film. The story in short, is that man proposes, god disposes.

Duration 13:12
Language Tamil
Location Coimabtore

Directed by Ganesh Kumar Mohan 
A Simple, happy-go-lucky guy. A short film maker and IT professional. Have done short films like 536, Ramasamy, and OORUKKU 4 PERU

Cast Venkat Sundar - Venkat
Vigneeshwaran - Manager
Produced by Greenhornsfilms
Script/Story Ganesh Kumar Mohan
Cinematography KB Prabu
Edited by Anil Krishnan
Music Film tracks
Voice over/Narrated by Venkat sundar
Sound Anil Krishnan