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Known Unknowns

Directed by Arjun Choudary

Two youngsters, one who can hardly remember anything, the other who is a stranger to ‘Habits’. When life seems to be going on ridiculously normally, two Nobodys’ come into the picture; one, an observer, another, let’s say ‘A Bad Guy’.


Directed by Venkatesh Kumar

The ultimate concept behind "Crossword" is to show how child trafficking is executed. Character S.P who pretends to be a lunatic is involved in all the kidnaps leaving no clue to others as he is portrayed in a as a launatic. The ultimatum to show him as a lunatic is just to show how kidnappers identify their targets and later on execute them.

As Child trafficking is a Million Dollar business its gaining importance in recent years. This movie is to create an awareness to public and parents who let their kids play in dark and remote areas and not keeping an eye on them.

Not Born Heroes

Directed by Vishesh Mankal

The first encounter with cosmic intelligence was doomed to be our last. Civilization is a thing of the past. Only three have been left. Friendships in the time of survival are, well, alien. A tale of survival of the lone three whose world comes face to face with a reality, till now dismissed as common fear. Fear of being discovered will lead them to act. Left to the devices of nature, our heroes will prepare their respective responses. When a reality check comes summoning, the will of our heroes will be tested. After all, heroes are ‘not born’.


Directed by Madan Ramvenkatesh

They say, misunderstandings can make way to understanding if approached in the right way. U-turn movie is an attempt to portray this fact about modern relationships.

U-turn is a film in Kannada on the Ups and Downs of the modern day relationships and the world that surrounds it!

In Voice

Directed by Dilip Kumar

This is a short story on consequences of child abuse.

In this movie elder brother of the kid who was dead due to child abuse in school takes measures for society in very different way to check it and succeeds in it.    

The Price

Directed by Vicky Khandpur

An abstract tale of a Young man's 1st visit to a prostitute and THE PRICE he has to pay.


Directed by Maaz Kazmi

Everything boils down to ‘the’ day – the occasion of Chacha-Chachi’s wedding anniversary - where the story meets its destined end:

‘Chandu ke Chacha ne Chandu ki Chachi ko Chandi ke Chamche se Chutney Chataai’


Directed by Pushpak Jain

This short film is about two guys who are stuck somewhere and need water to survive which was impossible. So in the end they get an idea for survival. When it comes to thirst and hunger human beings are the most dangerous and disgusting animal on the earth.


Directed by Salil

Tipped on the whereabouts of a possible black money transaction, a police inspector and constable reach an unoccupied building at the city suburbs. Inspector who steps into a hall at the top floor of the building is hit down by a stranger. Hours after he wakes up to find himself and constable on the floor with tied hands and legs. The stranger walks in with a bunch of newspapers.


Directed by Varun Aditya

The film is about Terrorism from a Photo Frame's perspective.

Blades of Grass

Directed by Ankur Kapoor

A man's short story of how the phenomenal power of love must sometimes be used to let that very love go.


Directed by Ashok Selvan

Black,written and directed by Ashok Selvan, takes you through the journey of an individual torn between duty and obligation and the world that lies beyond it. A portrayal of the strength in emotions and its ability to awaken the human in oneself.


Directed by Ashok Selvan

Desires keep growing...Needs keep changing. A take on common man's life.

Where Do You Live?

Directed by Ganesh Raj

This is a film about a boy who wants to talk to a girl. The boy has been visiting the book shop where the girl works for a week now, but has not yet gathered the courage to go up to her and talk. Afraid he maynot be able to do it alone, he has been dragging his 2 best friends along each day. The boys decision and the effect his friends have on the boys decision form the story.


Directed by Nishant Rana

A girl is stuck up in her dream where she sees that her father is going to kill her. Until she finds an answer to it, she won't be able to get out of it.


Directed by Mathang Thyagaraj

A Tranquil Art Animated Short Film. To Animate the Inanimate Objects to Convey thoughts, Messages and Expressions to one and all.

Somebody Loves You

Directed by Rohit Pathak

This movie is all about finding a ray of hope. When all doors seem to shut tight in your life, its about that little silver lining when desolation sweeps over you and its about a small feeling that a stranger carries in his heart for you... and that is LOVE. Somebody loves you is an attempt to show that someone somewhere really cares for you... even if it is a stranger!

Thudar Katha (Story Continues)

Directed by Rajeev Mohan

A common man movie. Avoiding all gimmicks but showcasing the real life situations. The story travels through an old man's interaction with an office where bureaucracy prevails. Cut away shots of a child playing snake & ladder is shown in between to depict the heights and falls happening to the old man who is sent from one table to another. Please watch the movie scrupulously so as to enjoy it.

Different Paths, One Goal

Directed by S S Sharma

Made on a visit to an ancient dargah built by Allau Din Khilji and the Devi temple set up by Marathas in the historic Panipat, giving a message that we may follow different paths in various faiths but ultimate goal is the same.

Xamination Fobia

Directed by Gaurav Panjwani

Xamination Fobia is a short film that is directly or indirectly based on a subject called "Education". As we have seen, there is a lot of student suicides due to pressure of examinations, now whats the solution for this problem or who is responsible for these kinds of suicides? Siddharth Arora is depressed by the pressure of expectations over his shoulder. Xamination Fobia, revoles around the unforgettable journey of examinations of Siddharth and this examinations is showing him a dark shade of his life. Now what's the dark shade is this, which disturbed the life of Siddharth?

Sab Maal China

Directed by M. Owais Safdar

<synopsis not available>

Khush Hu

Directed by Praneeth Palety

This movie is about a person's understanding towards his life. He narrates about few important things which were present in his life in the past that made him be happy and he compares it with his present life, with the way he is content and happy by the memories of the past.

The Fallen Rose

Directed by Subin Venugopal

It is based on a brother sister relation. It's where the sister takes care of her younger brother after her mother's death and that follows.

Pana (The Bet)

Directed by Parameshwar K

This Film Is based on Anton Chekhov's world famous short story "The Bet". It raises a question: what is important - Knowledge or Money.

An Egoistic Rich Business man takes Bet with a young Lawyer. Lawyer agrees to stay in a room for 15 Years like a prisoner. Business Man agrees to pay Rs 20,00,000 if lawyer successfully completes 15 years of imprisonment in the room. What happens at the end? Will lawyer complete 15 years in captivity? What happens to Business man's ego? What is the transformation knowledge can give to a man? is the interesting things about this film.


Directed by Srinivas Abrol

Kash - a drag of smoke that satisfies temporarily a person’s innate compulsive need of escaping from reality. This is the story of a mind that takes a drag not of smoke, but of the desire of substantiating its absolute Superiority.

The mind in this film contains two different personalities. The one represented by the man inside a Television (with the TV symbolizing the Sub-Conscious), is a simple and submissive personality which has somehow been trapped in the Sub-Conscious by the more intellectual and devious personality represented by the man outside the TV.


Directed by Hemanth

A comical Fantasy Short film. "Recession", "Fire", "Layoff", "Target" are the words which brings fear to an Employee in a Corporate world. The story shows the mental status of an IT employee in the period of so called Recession.

Coffee Meri Jaan

Directed by Gaurav Panjwani

Its a Short Film Based On "Re-Search" that evaluates the simple theory but complicated in terms of reality.The research tells, the people who take strong coffee frequently. Often sees the activity that really don't exist in real life.They make a Imaginative illusion in their minds, probably because of strangeness of "Coffee". Film doesn't gives a Moral to anyone. It is just a click in the minds of all the Coffee Lovers.


Directed by Joshwa.V

‘Happens’ is a comedy based short film that showcases day-to-day experience, which can happen to anyone. It also reflects the other side of everyone’s personality.It manages to tickle the funny bone of the audience. It’s just a usual short film with a pinch of humor added to a real- kind situation.


Directed by Jyothi Radhakrishnan, Abisheak Chinnasamy, Swaheel K and Rahul Sasidharan

:A short film where the attempt is to convey a story through eyes alone

The Call

Directed by I. Amarjit Singh

"The Call" is a thriller based short film, which portrays father daughter relationship and a day in their life when things go upside down. It's a usual day when both father and daughter go to see their new house. But they are completely unaware of this third person who is already present there. So, reveal the anxiety as the movie takes you through a journey of 'how come' moments.


Directed by Rishav Rastogi

A seasoned assassin, bored of his profession, and his latest captive engage themselves in a boring duel of words (or the lack of them). This duel brings out the worst of their rational beings as they give in to their need for drama. 

Substance D

Directed by Rudresh Ved

A thriller about how events change in a matter of time.

Ameerpet - ek ghareeb ka naseeb

Directed by Nagesh Gundapaneni

Ameerpet is place in Hyderabad, where all jobless people come from various part of india to do software courses. ameer - rich, pet - place. ek ghareeb ka naseeb - fate of a poor person.

The main theme of the movie is priorities, how they change in life.‎ "If it's a good movie, the sound could go off and the audience would still have a clear idea of what was going on." ~ Alfred Hitchcock. I just want to make a good movie so I followed the above rule to make Ameerpet


Directed by Abhijith Yelandur Ramesh

Poverty and extreme adversity forces many of India’s bright young minds to perish in oblivion. What we fail to understand is that children dream irrespective of their conditions. Every child born into this world cherishes a dream. But not every child can see it come true.

Vibha, an NGO devoted to empowerment through education is doing it’s bit in helping children across India. ‘Shankari’, though a fictional short film, is an attempt to get Vibha’s message across by telling a story…

Mumbai 2025

Directed by Thomas Jacob

Mumbai 2025 is a futuristic, noir film. Directed by Thomas Jacob, the film is set in Mumbai, India in 2025. Sporadic but deadly terror attacks continue to hit the city. Despite years of double-digit economic growth, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow. The wealthy live in the high-rises while the poor languish in the slums. Amidst all this, an ultra-nationalist political party has come to power


Directed by Ganesh Kumar Mohan

Do you think a movie should always convey a message? How about a movie full of fun? Here comes a 9-minute fun-filled film. The story in short, is that man proposes, god disposes.

Mon Amie Noire

Directed by Omar Iyer

The film traces the life of an unnamed female protagonist who is molested as a young teenager by a man she trusts. The incident has a deep psychological effect on her and she creates her own system of justice to punish the men that she believes do not deserve to live . 'Mon Amie Noire' - 'A Dark Friend' grows within her, teaching her to survive and even to kill.

Human Errors

Directed by BANNA and Kk

If all these kind of mistakes are avoided by us then mostly there will be no harm to others from us. So, conclusion of this short film is to avoid such kind of errors and even make all the people you know to avoid such kind of mistakes.

Vidiyalai Thedi-In Search of Dawn

Directed by Venkatesh

Its a Tale that Involves the Character "Vinodhan" who has passion for music but his parents don't encourage that.He faces the biggest shock in his life where he gets to see an illegal act which hurts him badly and that makes me leave his house throwing away his studies.He is given shelter by a women who finds him in the road.He still survives with the lady who gave him shelter and they both live on the streets...but "Vinodhan" passion for music and art has not faded away inspite of all the up and downs he has come across in his life.." Art is Long Life is Short"


Directed by Anadi Athaley

A Kashmiri woman is waiting for her husband from across the border. The day comes when he finally arrives. She welcomes him with a lot of fervour. They eat together after a long time. But this contentment is not there to stay for long. It vanishes as soon as she discovers that everything was probably just a dream, which she momentarily lived and is now gone. She comes to know through the newspapers that her husband and his brother were killed while crossing the border.

Tee Ratr

Directed by Kunal Deshpande
A girl on her way to home from office,late in the night comes across a stranger and the stranger mysteriously starts following her.The film unfolds the mystery.

The Last Cigarette

Directed by Nitish Sharma

This short film is about a young man who started smoking when he was a teenager. After a few years of heavy smoking he realizes that smoking is doing no good to both his money and health and decides to quit but like any other cigarette addict he procrastinates it.the rest of the film is about how he gets depressed after knowing he has cancer.


Directed by Puneeth B A

Woman is a symbol of patience. She plays different roles as a mother,sister,wife. She works for the development of her family both inside and outside th house. She faces all unexpected turns of life with courage and confidence. Even when she feels her life is INCOMPLETE,she turns towards the COMPLETENESS of her life.The sound of the celebration of her completeness...."MAA..."
The short film directed by 18 year old director PUNEETH B A throws light on the life of an orphaned wife who takes care of her child and shows the society that a woman can lead life even without the assistance of a man.


Directed by Ashrith K Malalur

"FEAR" is a short film which focuses on the most talked about issue of today -TERRORISM...It speaks about how vulnerable we have become to it. Is there a solution to it? How is it that we can curb this menace?

"FEAR" is (not) the answer! 


Directed by Premdeep B S

A film is based on social terms like Petrol extra use, Time, Health, How Students will spoil their life.

One Life One Love

Directed by Banna and Kk

This short film is about 3 guys. Among them 1 guy goes in a wrong path in his love where in the other 2 guys makes the wrong guy to go in the right path by telling him their true love stories and their experiences and making him realize the value of true love. Finally the wrong guy realizes his mistake and thanks the other 2 guys.

The Myth

Directed by Sriharsha

A guy steps on a mystically decorated object.A stranger (kind of a mystic) offers him  a talisman and warns him to wear it before midnight.the guy ignores it and the consequences he faced are shown in our movie. 

Blowing $Money$

Directed by Piyush Srivastav

A beggar finds a wallet on a road.
He picks it up.
And now he is blowing money everywhere...

Last Day of my Life

Directed by Piyush Srivastav

A man returns back to his Apartment. He is sad...Depressed. Everything is messed up in his room. He cries.
And then he goes up to terrace and...
for one reason.


Directed by Abhijit Purohit

KITTY is a ambitious boy who has drempt big things in his life since childhood. Slowly growing with the time he dreams of becoming a good actor and waits for his opportunity. During this time due to lack of earning he faces difficult situations from his middle class parents and his love interest. Its only HOPE (Personified) in his life that has always been giving his support saying “every thing will be alright one day”. Finally he gets an opportunity as an actor. But destiny has something different awaited for him.

I can...

Directed by Mayur Hande

The film is based on an important social subject. The story is about a boy named BABU and his father ANNA while they travel to their village from city in an Auto Rickshaw. The unusual behavior of BABU strikes the CITY-MAN sitting next to him in an Auto. The CITY-MAN consults ANNA to show his son to a good doctor in city. The climax scene of a film brings a twist and ends up giving a message to the CITY-MAN and the world.

A$ Luck Would Have It

Directed by Sujit Nair

The story is about how things turns out, coz of luck, in the lives of 4 individuals in 1 day. The luck referred to can mean either good or bad.

Dead Letters

Directed by Taha Rafi Ahmed

The characters Ravi and Aditi are interacting with each other through a series of video mails.

Whoever you are...

Directed by Sumit Vanjari

A story about a eunuch and the society. Where we come to see other side of the coin for the eunuch.


Directed by Sumit Vanjari

A story about a widow Sudha (26) and he son Ashish (7) who want to go out on Sunday with his mother. Mother does not take him and give strict instruction not to leave house. Ashish's close friend Neha (14) come to him and they both go out and coincidentally see Sudha having sex with another man. Ashish think that some body was massaging his mothers legs. Story revolve around this incidence. 

Strangle Hold

Directed by Abhilash K.R.

It show cases a story about a person who tries to be a good employee and a good father but tangles himself in a strangle hold.

The Second Chance

Directed by Anvitha Prakash

The Second Chance is an attempt to throw light on the very fact that the concept of save green is reducing day by day, it may be road widening, fly-overs, Metro it is the trees that are targeted first and we do nothing towards it, though it is our prime duty to save and protect them. This is the time each one of us wake up and say SAVE GREEN and take up initiative of growing more trees for a better future.

A page in my book

Directed by Sunil

A guy in a book shop in his normal day looking out for some books, a gal looks at him & smiles. it's a story how he tries to impress her & what happens when he goes close to speak with her.

Chingum Don and the Mysterious Power

Directed by Piyush Srivastav

Chingum don discovers that something was wrong when he wakes up that morning...what is it...and why is it...!!



Directed by Amogh and Santhosh

Government make policies for the benifit of its citizens but how far does it reach is always a question.

Education has made free from 4- 16 years in india but how far it reaches is this short movie all about.

Roses and Petals

Directed by Shijul Chirakkal

Roses and Petals is a movie which goes through the emotion of a guy when he fails in love. The red rose is symbol of love. Its thorns are the symbol of pain and hurt, Love its a feeling from touch which connect two hearts like the petals of rose which is closely combined. But these roses shed their petals within a period of time. But these petals remain reddish like blood with a pain and non curable wound, that’s love. Film moves along with his reactions and emotions...

It's Ringing

Directed by Samarth Garg

"It's Ringing" traces the life of a young married couple living in a metropolitan city. As the guy’s job takes him away from his better half for a couple of days, he captures some personal moments spent with her and carries the video clip with him. The film then exposes the vulnerability of personal data on cell phones as the protagonist unknowingly shares it with someone; the consequences thereafter are unimaginable for the couple.

Everyone loves to carry a memory of the personal times shared with their loved ones in the form of a picture or a video. With the advent of digital media, everyone should be cautious as far as sharing of the storage media with people around us.

Itaanu Uttaram (It is the Answer)

Directed by Sujoy Ghosh

What happens when a person tries to leave the path of arms and decides to become a part of the system? What happens when an innocent mind is instigated to a heinous crime? What happens when a criminal return to the path of righteousness and tries to live a common man’s life… then caught? Isn’t the purpose of judiciary to wipe the crime out of the mind?

A story loosely based on amazing tale of Comrade Duch’s redemption and titled in Malayalam to pay tribute to ace Malayalam movie director Ranjith, tries to bring life to a fictional incident.

The Taste Conundrum

Directed by Taha Rafi Ahmed

A short film based on the proverb "to dig your own grave".

Bangalore, Bengaluru

Directed by Taha Rafi Ahmed

Short film based on the theme of "spirit of my city". The film attempts to show the welcoming nature of Bangalore and how even though outsiders are coming to the city, the locals still accept them as their own. The story shows a regionalistic person (sudeep) and his experiences in his local tea shop.

The Wheel

Directed by Rahul Ajmera

<no synopsis provided>

Nazarana (The Gift)

Directed by Rahul Ajmera

<no synopsis provided>

Chocolate to Money

Directed by Deepu

We have done a try to show how the way of corruption starts. It's impossible to try and find the origin of a river and origin of a sage but the origin of the corruption might be traced... so this is our small effort to do so.

Naguvina Hinde

Directed by Ajay Yogi

Naguvina Hinde, made in 2010, is a short-film directed by Ajay Yogi. This film portrays a life of a poor kid who lives in an urban society and aspires to learn. But his dreams remain a dream due to his unfortunate lively hood. His everyday life begins by taking care of his mother who is paralyzed and bed ridden, he then starts his way to his work place where he is designated to be a cobbler. He works hard trying to earn every single rupee that he would needs for his livelyhood.

Aganthukaru - The Strangers

Directed by Abhisheka D

The fast running Train brings down the old memories and Abhishek shares them with the audience. He stays as a narrator in the movie, telling the audience with way how his friends who were actually strangers, get to know each other with a few minor incidents. The strangers became friends wen they met again on Internet,  chatting n Social networking strengthened the friendship. Unexpectedly the social networking actually saved a life too! The friends again discuss online n then they decide to meet up! The train again witnesses them, not as strangers but as close friends. They all now know how their friendship saved someones life! . Towards the end, the train brings them together, adding another stranger to the friendship zone.


Directed by Varun Tandon

Gulcharrey is a beautifully told story of Rahim and his past. Narrated more like an anecdote less like a film, it leaves you smiling. Captured vividly against a Mumbai which is both vast and claustrophobic, the film proves that ultimately what you need for a film is a story to tell and passion to fuel it.

Nayan Tarse

Directed by Amruta Rokade, Pratibha 

A CD containing confidential data , A Secret Agent protecting it and a trap.


Directed by Arvind Ghorwal, Akvil Sakhare, Pruthvi Manjunatha

This story starts with a regular boy meets girl scenario and how their relationship is built . They spend happy times which eventually comes to an end . The film mainly deals with the idea that when a young kid cannot understands certain aspects of life and hypnotizes himself in fairy tales his life becomes a total mess , from which he has to come up being a man and understand the realities of life through experiences.

ನಿಜ ಜೀವನ (Real Life)

Directed by Guruprasad Nayak

The Movie narrates a story of a guy who lost his one hand in an accident. He attempts to committ suicide & at the end realizes wht is Real Life. The complete story revolves about the Kannada Poet Da. Ra Bendre's lines.. "Ondu iddare ondilla..endigu eradu hondilla".. Darwin's theory of Struggle for Existance & Survival of Fittest  always holds good  & its the universal truth.We are not here to to live for thousands of years. **Live the Life to the fullest**


Directed by Rajagopal

SELVAM 65years old grandfather, who is diabetes patient with amputated leg he is ill treated by his son and daughter in law, Every day they give food in unwashed plate and they give water in dirty glass, Mean while everything is watching by his grandson "PRADEEP". One day grandfather died and his plate will throw into the dustbin which is used by grandfather. Pradeep will bring back and keep the plate under his father's bed; his father asked about it, what his son will answer that is the climax.


Directed by Hemanth

An Abstract narration & picturisation of three different time periods is 3Kaala. See what happens when people of three different time periods meet..?