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Government make policies for the benifit of its citizens but how far does it reach is always a question. Education has made free from 4- 16 years in india but how far it reaches is this short movie all about.

Duration 14:59
Language Kannada
Location Bangalore

Directed by Amogh and Santhosh
"Well this movie is made by myself(Santhosh) and my friend Amogh. we both are best frends and are deep into movies. did film making course together from pune along with our IT jobs. i left job to purse full time carrieer in movies , now assisting in kannada movies but Amogh is still working in IT. we together did this movie Antar with great passion."

Cast Hemant-Shyam
Jayappa-Shyam's Father
Chandu-walking school kid
Roshan-walking school kid
Darshan-school kid playing with ball
Viji-old paper mart owner
Produced by Amogh and Santhosh
Script/Story Amogh and Santhosh
Cinematography Chandru
Edited by Anu and Chandru
Music Online music library

Blades of Grass

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"A man's short story of how the phenomenal power of love must sometimes be used to let that very love go. Blades of Grass was originally made for the Mumbai 48 Hour Film Project 2010 and went on to win 'Best Cinematography' there. Later, it was also screened at IFFI, Goa, IFFI, Chennai, JIFF, Jaipur, BYOFF, Puri and Himachal Film Fest, Shimla."

Duration 8:00
Language English/Hindi
Location Haryana

Directed by Ankur Kapoor
I am an engineer turned independent film maker from Chandigarh. I am 25 and I have been making animations, documentaries and short films for the past 4 years. In this period I have worked on around 30 projects most of which have been very well received at film festivals across the country and abroad.

Cast Saahil Kapoor - Sumit Kumar
Sapna Kakkar - Gurleen
Gagandeep Singh - Gurpreet
Produced by Q Audio|Visual Media
Script/Story Saahil Kapoor
Cinematography Ankur Kapoor, Manjot Kang
Edited by Ankur Kapoor
Music Abhinav Bansal
Voice over/Narrated by Saahil Kapoor
Sound Ankur Kapoor
Special Effects Ankur Kapoor


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"Log Line: A fiction (drama) film based on, ‘Chandu ke Chacha ne Chandu ki Chachi ko Chandi ke Chamche se Chutney Chataai’ Synopsis: Two days from now, its Chacha-Chachi’s wedding anniversary. Chandu, Chacha and Chachi realize this and individually plan a surprise for the occasion not knowing that the other two are doing just the same. Meanwhile, Chandi ka Chamcha is furious at Chandu for he has lost his girlfriend, a Chamchi, because of Chandu’s careless behavior. Chandi ka Chamcha seeks revenge. In all this, Chutney acts as a silent observer. She has a crazy ability to read the past and present of all the four characters. Hence she, invariably, becomes the narrator of the story. Everything boils down to ‘the’ day – the occasion of Chacha-Chachi’s wedding anniversary - where the story meets its destined end: ‘Chandu ke Chacha ne Chandu ki Chachi ko Chandi ke Chamche se Chutney Chataai’ "

Duration 14:59
Language Hindi
Location Pune

Directed by Maaz Kazmi
"The director Maaz Kazmi (22), is currently pursuing his Masters in Communication Studies (specialisation in video production) from University of Pune. He has done his graduation in Bachelors in Mass Media (specialisation in journalism) from SIES College, Mumbai. Born on 13th March 1988, Mumbai, Maaz Kazmi is deeply interested in film-making (editing) and has produced 12 short-films in the past 4 years (2007-11). Some of which have won awards in film festivals all across the country. "

Cast Mihir Amrutkar as Chandu
Narendra Wadhwa as Chandu ke Chacha
Deepshri Ranade as Chandu ki Chachi
Produced by Dept. of Communication Studies, Pune University
Script/Story Maaz Kazmi
Cinematography Digvijay Thorat
Edited by Maaz Kazmi
Voice over/Narrated by Anisha Kotibhaskar
Sound Sumit Vanjari
Lights Amey Pendse

Coffee Meri Jaan

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Its a Short Film Based On "Re-Search" that evaluates the simple theory but complicated in terms of reality.The research tells, the people who take strong coffee frequently. Often sees the activity that really don't exist in real life.They make a Imaginative illusion in their minds, probably because of strangeness of "Coffee". Film doesn't gives a Moral to anyone. It is just a click in the minds of all the Coffee Lovers.

Duration 9:00
Language Hindi/English
Location Mumbai

Directed by Gaurav Panjwani
"Name - Gaurav Panjwani Profession - Writer , Editor & Director ( Short Fiction Films ) Gaurav has Started Making Films When he is in 12th Standard on the Urge of her Principal in the School . After , He Did Diploma in Mass Communication in Advertising & Journalism , After Completion of one year Diploma in Mass Media . He Started working in jaipur as a Freelance Advertiser n Short Film Maker . After Making Around 10 Short Films , Some Films Got Critical Acclamation in National n International short film fest's , Now he is Working in Mumbai with some Production House as a Director & Editor , Apart from His Job , As a Passion into films he makes short film under the banner of his own company Grv Films "

Cast Raman Atre ( Coffee Lover )
Asif Sher Ali Khan ( Professor Shastri )
Kunal Narula ( Son of Professor Shastri )
Kusum Gupta ( Wife of Prof Shastri )
Produced by Grv Films
Script/Story Gaurav Panjwani
Cinematography Yogesh Sharma
Edited by Gaurav Panjwani
Music Manan Munjal
Sound Manan Munjal
Lights Vishnu
Special Effects Gaurav Panjwani


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Gulcharrey is a beautifully told story of Rahim and his past. Narrated more like an anecdote less like a film, it leaves you smiling. Captured vividly against a Mumbai which is both vast and claustrophobic, the film proves that ultimately what you need for a film is a story to tell and passion to fuel it.

Duration 13:10
Language Hindi/English/ Marathi
Location Mumbai

Directed by Varun Tandon
former students of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.Passionate about telling stories

Cast Rakesh Chaturvedi - Rahim
Vijay Kumar - Mane
Rudrashish Sengupta
Produced by Rajesh Sarkar
Script/Story Varun Tandon
Cinematography Anubhav Syal
Edited by Amitesh Mukherjee
Music Amitesh Mukherjee
Sound Yashveer Singh
Lights Yashveer Singh


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"Kash - a drag of smoke that satisfies temporarily a person’s innate compulsive need of escaping from reality. This is the story of a mind that takes a drag not of smoke, but of the desire of substantiating its absolute Superiority. The mind in this film contains two different personalities. The one represented by the man inside a Television (with the TV symbolizing the Sub-Conscious), is a simple and submissive personality which has somehow been trapped in the Sub-Conscious by the more intellectual and devious personality represented by the man outside the TV. The room with all the pictures represents the Conscious mind with memories and ideas. In the addiction of Superiority, the man outside the TV hatches a treacherous plan of annihilating the inferior one inside the TV. But a simple mistake of his turns everything upside down and his desire of Supremacy leads to his own destruction. The Drag consumes the addict. An interesting tale of conflict inside a human mind, it will surely keep you curious and engrossed till the very end. "

Duration 9:25
Language Hindi/English
Location Mumbai

Directed by Srinivas Abrol
After having completed his engineering degree from Nagpur, Srinivas Abrol came to Mumbai to pursue his real dream - to be a film-maker. After having worked on four mainstream hindi feature films as assistant director including two as chief assistant director, he is now working as a screenplay and dialogue writer for hindi feature films. A Short film is the best way to express yourself as a film-maker until you get your big break, and also you can send a message across to people, so he also produces and directs short films occasionally, and hence is sending one across to your film festival with the hope that it satisfies you as an audience.

Cast Deepak Srivastava - Man inside/outside TV
Rajendra Singh - Man in green T-shirt
Srinivas Abrol - Man in grey T-shirt
Produced by Deepak Srivastava & Srinivas Abrol
Script/Story Srinivas Abrol
Cinematography D.K. Gautam
Edited by N.A. Ansari
Music Music from ‘No Smoking’
Special Effects N.A. Ansari


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A Kashmiri woman is waiting for her husband from across the border. The day comes when he finally arrives. She welcomes him with a lot of fervour. They eat together after a long time. But this contentment is not there to stay for long. It vanishes as soon as she discovers that everything was probably just a dream, which she momentarily lived and is now gone. She comes to know through the newspapers that her husband and his brother were killed while crossing the border.

Duration 4:48
Language Hindi
Location Pune

Directed by Anadi Athaley
Anadi Athaley is a student of Film Editing at the Film and Television Institute of India. Having done his graduation in Communication and Journalism from the Manipal University, he assisted as an Assistant Editor in two films, Mirch (2010) and Utt Patang(2011). He has also made two short films, Fissure(2009) and Khwaab (2011).

Cast Nirmala - Wife
Sunil Palwal - Husband
Produced by Film and Television Institute of India
Script/Story Samvartha Sahil
Cinematography Hindole Chakraborty
Edited by Anadi Athaley
Sound Sheeba Sehga;
Lights Krishna Soren, Anwar Shamsudeen


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This story starts with a regular boy meets girl scenario and how their relationship is built . They spend happy times which eventually comes to an end . The film mainly deals with the idea that when a young kid cannot understands certain aspects of life and hypnotizes himself in fairy tales his life becomes a total mess , from which he has to come up being a man and understand the realities of life through experiences.

Duration 5:11
Language English
Location Mumbai

Directed by Arvind Ghorwal, Akvil Sakhare, Pruthvi Mangunatha

Cast Sudhanshu
Produced by Akvil Sakhare
Script/Story Akvil Sakhare
Cinematography Arvind Ghorwal, Akvil Sakhare
Edited by Arvind Ghorwal
Music Canon in d
Voice over/Narrated by Eeeshan Sharma

Mumbai 2025

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Mumbai 2025 is a futuristic, noir film. Directed by Thomas Jacob, the film is set in Mumbai, India in 2025. Sporadic but deadly terror attacks continue to hit the city. Despite years of double-digit economic growth, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow. The wealthy live in the high-rises while the poor languish in the slums. Amidst all this, an ultra-nationalist political party has come to power

Duration 12:37
Language English
Location Bangalore

Directed by Thomas Jacob

Cast Ashraf Ali - Dev
Hannah Sim - Priya
Sandhan Chaudhury - Siddharth
Akshay Bhagat - Dr.Bose
Samir - Tandon
Aziz Perothian - Henchman
Produced by Tirthadeep Roy, Thomas Jacob
Script/Story Thomas Jacob
Cinematography Thomas Jacob
Edited by Thomas Jacob


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"A girl is stuck up in her dream where she sees that her father is going to kill her. Until she finds an answer to it, she won't be able to get out of it. So the climax is there in the next sequel.. that i'll take out after sometime"

Duration 6:38
Language Hindi
Location Mumbai

Directed by Nishant Rana
Nishant Rana has made several short films. He was also nominated for his short film 'Mumbai Paisa Vasool' for Mumbai film festival. His other short film 'Pankh' won 'Best International film festival' in Shortie film festival U.S.A under the age group category of 14-18.. Many of his short films were appreciated and acclaimed in many other festivals..

Cast Yashshree Singh Bhati- Noor
Dr. Sheron- Abba Jaan
Mrs. Sheron- Ammi Jaan
Dr.Dheeraj Singh- Chacha Jaan
Ishan- Nishant Rana
Produced by Dr. D.S. Rana, Varsha Rana
Script/Story Shilpi Rana, Nishant Rana
Cinematography Nishant Rana
Edited by Nishant Rana
Music Nishant Rana
Voice over/Narrated by Yashshree Singh Bhati, Nishant Rana

Pana (The Bet)

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"This Film Is based on Anton Chekhov's world famous short story ""The Bet"". The film raises a question which is important Knowledge or Money. An Egoistic Rich Business man takes Bet with a young Lawyer. Lawyer agrees to stay in a room for 15 Years like a prisoner. Business Man agrees to pay 20,00,000 Rs if lawyer successfully completes 15 years of imprisonment in the room. What happens at the end? Will lawyer complete 15 years in captivity? what happens to Business man's ego? What is the transformation knowledge can give to a man? is the interesting things about this film..."

Duration 10:55
Language Kannada
Location Bangalore

Directed by Parameshwar. K
"I am Parameshwar an M Com Graduate from Bangalore University. I am Basically a Theatre Practitioner. An actor & Director. In my 8 Years of Theatre career I have taken part in acting, Direction, Lighting, Stage craft, Promotion & Publicity etc... Literature reading is my hobby. I have acted in few Movies also. I want to take Film making as my profession. Girish Kasaravalli, Akira Kurasowa, Satyajit Ray is my Favorite film makers. I Can Speak Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu..."

Cast Raghavendra Prasad - Business Man,
Parameshwar - Young Lawyer
Nagaraj.M - 1st Friend
Hemanth - 2nd Friend
Produced by Primedia Bangalore
Script/Story Parameshwar/Anton Chekhov
Cinematography Venkatesh.D
Edited by Manjunath.O
Music Ravikumar.J.V
Voice over/Narrated by Parameshwara.K
Lights Mahesh, Prasanna, Ananda, Murthy, Rakesh, Ravi


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Do you think a movie should always convey a message? How about a movie full of fun? Here comes a 9-minute fun-filled film. The story in short, is that man proposes, god disposes.

Duration 13:12
Language Tamil
Location Coimabtore

Directed by Ganesh Kumar Mohan
A Simple, happy-go-lucky guy. A short film maker and IT professional. Have done short films like 536, Ramasamy, and OORUKKU 4 PERU

Cast Venkat Sundar - Venkat
Vigneeshwaran - Manager
Produced by Greenhornsfilms
Script/Story Ganesh Kumar Mohan
Cinematography KB Prabu
Edited by Anil Krishnan
Music Film tracks
Voice over/Narrated by Venkat sundar
Sound Anil Krishnan

Sab Maal China

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Duration 9:43
Language Hindi
Location UP

Directed by M. Owais Safdar
Sab Maal China is the story of a salesman who struggles to sell his product in which no one is interested because of the arrival of the Chinese products in the market.

Cast Yusuf Abidin - Manohar Chaturvedi
Produced by Radiant Picture Co.
Script/Story Yusuf Abidin & Roshan Sheikh
Cinematography Anas Arif
Edited by Roshan Sheikh
Music Radiant Picture Co.


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"The story is simple and straightforward. Born into a family consisting of a poor and struggling mother and an alcoholic and abusive father, Shankari has one gift that the world doesn’t know yet. She is unusually intelligent for a young girl of her age. Born into this world like any other child, she cherishes many dreams in her heart. Ever since the day her mother pulled her out of school, she yearns to go back. She yearns to learn. But life hasn’t been very eventful since. All she does is go around helping her mother doing odd chores. But one day is different. It isn’t like the other days. It is that one day that we chronicle in this short film. But do the events of the day change the course of this unfortunate girl's life? Maybe... Maybe not... Poverty and extreme adversity forces many of India’s bright young minds to perish in oblivion. What we fail to understand is that children dream irrespective of their conditions. Every child born into this world cherishes a dream. But not every child can see it come true. Vibha, an NGO devoted to empowerment through education is doing it’s bit in helping children across India. ‘Shankari’, though a fictional short film, is an attempt to get Vibha’s message across by telling a story… "

Duration 11:54
Language Kannada
Location Bangalore

Directed by Abhijith Yelandur Ramesh
I completed by B.E. in Information Science from UVCE, Bangalore in 2005. It was only much later that I realized my passion lay in cinema. I had always felt a serious inclination to story telling. Any genre of story telling interested me. I chose cinema, for it appeared to be the most fascinating of all the story telling techniques. My repertoire of work isn’t much. I worked as an assistant to documentary filmmaker Pavitra Chalam on one small project. "Shankari" came immediately after that. It was my voluntary contribution to Vibha, an NGO that promotes education as a means of empowerment. A tiny idea that materialized in my mind formed the basis for the short film. As opposed to the regular documentary techniques of creating awareness, I chose to tell a story first and then drive the message through. Shankari was the outcome of this small experiment. It remains my only work as a director. Right now, I am penning the script for a full length feature and hope to make a film soon.

Cast Sudeepta - Shankari
Shubhang - Shubhang
Harish - Harish
Produced by Abhijith Yelandur Ramesh
Script/Story Abhijith Yelandur Ramesh
Cinematography R.Phaninder Kumar
Edited by Pradeep Nayak
Music Chinmay Athaley
Voice over/Narrated by Avinash

Somebody Loves You

Movie will go here…

This movie is all about finding a ray of hope. When all doors seem to shut tight in your life, its about that little silver lining when desolation sweeps over you and its about a small feeling that a stranger carries in his heart for you... and that is LOVE. Somebody loves you is an attempt to show that someone somewhere really cares for you... even if it is a stranger!

Duration 10:14
Language English
Location Indore

Directed by Rohit Pathak
Rohit Pathak, an under-graduate student of EMRC,DAVV INDORE (MP)..

Cast Manas Tiwari
Adit Shah
Produced by Rohit Pathak,Parth Shah, Vibhanshu Dagore
Script/Story Rohit Pathak
Cinematography Aayush Saxena, Rohit Pathak
Edited by Rohit Pathak
Music Parth Shah
Special Effects Rohit Pathak

The Price

Movie will go here…

"its a passwrd protected film - password is- theprice06 Its a social message given through an abstract tale of a young man's 1st visit to a prostitute "

Duration 5:30
Language Hindi
Location NA

"Working as as a film maker from 2007 made few short films, awarded for few before that I was into steadicam operating, did few projects as a DOP "

Cinematography MADHUR VERMA

The Taste Conundrum

Movie will go here…

A short film based on the proverb "to dig your own grave".

Duration 6:20
Language English
Location NA

Directed by Taha Rafi Ahmed

Cast akash rai - protagonist
Script/Story Taha Rafi Ahmed
Cinematography Taha Rafi Ahmed
Edited by shaun abraham
Music album songs

Thudar Katha (Story Continues)

Movie will go here…

A common man movie. Avoiding all gimmicks but showcasing the real life situations. The story travels through an old man's interaction with an office where bureaucracy prevails. Cut away shots of a child playing snake & ladder is shown in between to depict the heights and falls happening to the old man who is sent from one table to another. Please watch the movie scrupulously so as to enjoy it.

Duration 10:00
Language Malayalam
Location Malaysia

Directed by RAJEEV MOHAN
Rajeev Mohan R, a lecturer of communication & journalism. Post graduated in Communication & Journalism from the University of Mysore. Undergoing research on film communication. Believes film as an effective tool for mass communication and enjoys watching and being active with value based film making.

Produced by MEDIA HOUSE
Cinematography VALSAN MATHEW


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A story about a widow Sudha (26) and he son Ashish (7) who want to go out on Sunday with his mother. Mother does not take him and give strict instruction not to leave house. Ashish's close friend Neha (14) come to him and they both go out and coincidentally see Sudha having sex with another man. Ashish think that some body was massaging his mothers legs. Story revolve around this incidence.

Duration 8:13
Language Marathi
Location Pune

Directed by Sumit Vanjari
Director is pass out of Vikishi Institute of Media Studies for Cinematography with A.S Kanal , and has done Masters in Communication Studies from University of Pune. Currently working on his feature film for children 'Parindey'.

Cast Sudha - Bhakti Ratnaparkhi.
Ashish - Prathamesh Nikam.
Neha - Saee Gogate.
Man 1 - Amar Deokar.
Man 2 - Dnyeshwar Jadhavar.
Produced by Sumit Vanjari
Script/Story Sumit Vanjari
Cinematography Mangesh Gadekar
Edited by Pavan Vishvanath
Sound Nitish Kumar
Lights Mangesh Gadekar
Special Effects -


Movie will go here…

"They say, misunderstandings can make way to understanding if approached in the right way. U-turn movie is an attempt to portray this fact about modern relationships.... U-turn is a film in Kannada on the Ups and Downs of the modern day relationships and the world that surrounds it! "

Duration 11:41
Language Kannada
Location Shimoga

Directed by Madan Ramvenkatesh
Madan Ramvenkatesh, basically from Bhadravathi, Shimoga district.I have completed Masters in Electronic Media recently. Very much passionate about Movies, Travel & living.

Cast Malthy Rani - Ms.Sapna
Balaji Manohar- Mr.Prasad
Produced by Madan Ramvenkatesh
Script/Story Madan & Kiran
Cinematography Girish Kant
Edited by Kiran Midigeshi
Music Neosounds
Voice over/Narrated by Sangeeta Kannan
Lights ArunCine Services