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Somebody Loves You

This movie is all about finding a ray of hope. When all doors seem to shut tight in your life, its about that little silver lining when desolation sweeps over you and its about a small feeling that a stranger carries in his heart for you... and that is LOVE. Somebody loves you is an attempt to show that someone somewhere really cares for you... even if it is a stranger!

Duration 10:14
Language English
Location Indore

Directed by Rohit Pathak 
Rohit Pathak, an under-graduate student of EMRC,DAVV INDORE (MP)..

Cast Manas Tiwari
Adit Shah
Produced by Rohit Pathak,Parth Shah, Vibhanshu Dagore
Script/Story Rohit Pathak
Cinematography Aayush Saxena, Rohit Pathak
Edited by Rohit Pathak
Music Parth Shah
Special Effects Rohit Pathak