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They say, misunderstandings can make way to understanding if approached in the right way. U-turn movie is an attempt to portray this fact about modern relationships.... U-turn is a film in Kannada on the Ups and Downs of the modern day relationships and the world that surrounds it!

Duration 11:41
Language Kannada
Location Shimoga

Directed by Madan Ramvenkatesh 
Madan Ramvenkatesh, basically from Bhadravathi, Shimoga district. I have completed Masters in Electronic Media recently. Very much passionate about Movies, Travel & living.

Cast Malthy Rani - Ms.Sapna
Balaji Manohar- Mr.Prasad
Produced by Madan Ramvenkatesh
Script/Story Madan & Kiran
Cinematography Girish Kant
Edited by Kiran Midigeshi
Music Neosounds
Voice over/Narrated by Sangeeta Kannan
Lights ArunCine Services

Interesting Facts while filming
Shot with two days of schedule (22hrs)

Awards & Recognitions:

  • International Short film festival 2011, Bhubaneshwar
  • Bring Your Own Film Festival 2011, Puri
  • ReeLoad Film Festival 2011, Manipal University
  • Guwahati International Short film Festival 2011, Guwahati
  • Gujarat National Law University "MISE-EN-SCENE 2011" - Awarded 2nd Best film!
  • Suchitra Film Festival 2011, Bengaluru